Alexandre here posting some news about Sanctifier.
Well, Sanctifier played last Sunday Nov, 6th @ DoSol Festival an amazing event together with Krisiun
and Violator.

Sanctifier’s gig was awesome as you can see in some of the pictures posted.

Sanctifier would like to thank all the crew involved on DoSol festival mainly its mastermind Anderson Foca who gave us the opportunity to play on such amazing event. Thanks for the people from other cities that showed up to see the show: Inner demons rise guys, decomposed god guys, Danilo and Vultos Vociferos, Everton and dying music, to the old ones man…Marcos paulo, Gibran, Robson Falador, Naldão, Denis, Marcos Flávio, Matheus Spyke… front of the stage only “old school metal brothers” fucking awesome!!!

Thanks to the journalist Yuno who interviewed us ….Yuno published in a local newspaper a hugh interview with Sanctifier when we released “awaked by impurity rites”….soon we’ll post here some of the concert’s songs. Thanks Mitchell, Marcelo, Rogério and Adriano to keep things up and playing such an incredible gig, full of energy, thank you guys!!
Sanctifier will now reh to record deamoncraft on January, 2012.