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Full concert @ Festival DoSol with Krisiun and Violator.

This full concert is available in FullHD.

Rise and shine!

Hell-o Shoggoths.

Here is Alexandre emerson, guitarist of the brazilian band Sanctifier and together with our manager Thane Ahrens that owns this place are sharing a lot of news about the new record Daemoncraft.

I like to start with the definition of the name DAEMONCRAFT, may some of you wonder how strange is this motherfucking name so here is the explanation.

At first it is a fusion from two names creating a neologism daemon and lovecraft, I had this insight in a dream. Thane and I build the definition below: Daemoncraft is a huge brilliant idea that has fooled people since the early 1900’s and still does to this day. Daemoncraft is not a simple thing. Nothing so simple such as Lovecraft doing what the old ones wished. It is so much beyond just that. Just like there is so much more to Voodoo then just a silly doll with needles. Daemoncraft is practiced still today and it will continue to be practiced into the foreseeable future, always advancing as it has since Lovecraft started the art of it back in his lifetime.In a more simply way: “Daemoncraft is what some may think of as an oxymoron. I say this because much of what defines it also defines a conspiracy. It is much like a conspiracy and at the same time it has a big difference that keeps it from being a conspiracy. So what do you call such a thing, we learned in a dream that this thing is to be called Daemoncraft.”

Any doubts? Send your questions on comments in English or Portuguese or even spanish we have a new member with fluency in Spanish

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